Don't let the lack of training be the reason your catcher rides the bench or even worse, doesn't even make the team.

Have them put in the extra work this off season so they are ready. The idea is, have your catcher work so hard that the coach has no choice but to play them.  

This program can either be your young catchers main workout program or if you have an older more advanced catcher, it can supplement what they're already doing...


"Great strength program and catching drills program to get players ready for the season. My son participated in the first round. I highly recommend this for dedicated catchers. Thank you for your service Coach Todd Coburn! "

Brad B.


Todd Coburn, A.K.A – “The Catching Guy” - Coach Todd is one of the most sought after catching coaches in the world who is known for not only his passion for the position, but also his passion for teaching the position. He is a lifetime catcher who loves spreading the knowledge to anyone who wants to listen and learn.


The exercises found in this program, although beneficial for all baseball players, are particularly great for catchers.  Throughout the 8-weeks, I'll give you some of my favorite drills and exercises that are designed specifically to help your catcher improve all aspects of their game!


Components include:

Pre-Warm Up (increase body temperature), Active Dynamic Warm Up, Upper body Strength & Power, Lower Body Strength & Power,  Pre-Hab Exercises and Core Work.  Along with drills for receiving, blocking, throwing, and all of the specialty plays!


All of the drills and exercises included in the program only require the following:  Resistance bands, med balls, small dumbbells or kettle bells as well as tennis balls, baseballs and all of your catchers equipment.  No squat racks, benches or major strength equipment.

Special Pricing

75% Off until the end of May (Hopefully we're through the tough times by then)... See you in the program!





Frequently Asked Questions

You get out of it what you put into it. I expect you to implement and be as consistent and dedicated as possible to help me make this program beneficial to all future catchers!

Absolutely! It is yours to review for the life of the program. Feel free to continue using it to train!


This program can be used for youth catchers as their main source of catcher specific training OR to supplement the workouts that high school age catchers are already performing.

All of the EXERCISES can be performed inside or outside in an area as small as 10 x 10 due to jump roping. 

The DRILLS need an infield size area. Most of them can be done in your backyard.

Coach Todd will check in each week LIVE via Facebook Mid week. Time will be determined based on the group and Coach's extremely busy work schedule.

The LIVE videos will be available in the group and can be watched at a later time. Questions can be asked just like you were watching it LIVE as Coach always gets notified when new comments are made.

You can also comment in the actual program under each training as well as email if needed.

Plan on 30 to 60 minutes per training session (1 strength training and 1 skill improvement session) depending on how many sets and repetitions you do.

Every exercise will be able to be performed by inexperienced youth catchers up to advanced high school age catchers. It is all determined by the number of reps or the amount of resistance.

Everyweek a new recorded training will be delivered to your program. You can watch at anytime and follow along with coach. 

We have decided to give this a TRY for this ROUND ONLY.

If you would like to film yourself doing a drill or exercise for feedback you can post it in the CLOSED Facebook group for Coach Todd to review. Posting your video for feedback will help others see exactly what they may or may not be doing right.

The price of this program is $197 for 8 weeks of online training WITH Coach.  That's less than $25 per week to train and get ready for try-outs!

Then it is yours for the life of the program to train as often as you like on your own!


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I always say... "The difference between those who make it to the next level and those who don't is work ethic."


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