3 Questions To Help Your Catchers Reach Their Full Potential!

(Understanding the answers to these commonly asked questions can help your catcher get to the next level)

We know the life of a catcher’s parent can be just as tough as the life of a catcher…

You’re both involved in every pitch.
​When they get hurt, you feel the pain.
​When they give up a stolen base, you feel the frustration.

When they miss a block, disappointment sets in.

​You share in the pressure of being the “field general”.

​When something goes wrong, your catcher has to get an ear full in the dugout and you hear the comments in the stands.

Not to mention the constant battle of juggling it all, trying to find time getting your player to practice, lessons or training after work, putting some food in their bellies and helping them complete their homework.

It’s exhausting, right?

But no matter how exhausting it feels, you just want the best for your catcher. You want quality lessons, instruction, and information that is accurate, safe and affordable because baseball is their passion, (which makes it your passion).
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