"Be A Wall" Blocking Fundamentals Program

Blocking is what I call the "difference maker."  What I mean is, everyone thinks they can be a catcher until they need to block. Especially attempting to block a spiked fastball.

If something is flying at you and about to hit you, human instinct says to duck and move out of the way.  Catchers have to go against what their brain instinctually tells them to do, jump in front and stop the ball from getting by.

This blocking fundamentals program provides nearly 40 tips, drills and exercises all designed to help you or your catcher become a great blocking catcher.

It provides explanations of the fundamentals of stances, the transition into the block, what you should do during the block and immediately after the block.  As well as the importance of hip mobility, flexibility & strength for blocking success. 

It also includes blocking drills and exercises all designed to help you or your catcher "be a wall" and not let any balls in the dirt to get by.