Learn How to Catch with Confidence!

The Catching Lab is the place to go to receive the BEST catcher specific training information available.  

The Catching Lab will give you easy access to:

πŸ’₯Drills & Exercise
πŸ’₯ LIVE virtual monthly trainings
πŸ’₯ Assigned Drill Progressions
πŸ’₯ Video breakdowns of the best in the game to demonstrate and give examples of proper form
πŸ’₯ Use your videos of your catchers and break down the video for everyone to learn from
The Lab can be used to help you master every skill involved with the position, as well as exercises to improve the physical traits needed to succeed--from BEGINNER to ADVANCED!




βœ… Membership Portal

βœ… Private Facebook Group

βœ… LIVE virtual monthly trainings

βœ… Assigned Drill Progressions

βœ… Video breakdowns 

βœ… Self paced instruction through videos & downloadable information sheets 

πŸ’₯ I will pick some of you to post videos of your catchers and will break down the video for everyone to learn from!






βœ… The NEW Catching Lab - LEVEL #2 includes everything that is in LEVEL #1 plus the following:

βœ… Live Zoom Workshops (bi-weekly Lecture and Lab)

βœ… Lifetime replays of all workshops as long as you are a member

βœ… Access to guest speakers during the Zoom Workshops

βœ… LEVEL #2 will have limited spots due to being interactive and we can only fit so many catchers into the Live Zoom calls that I will be able to watch and give feedback to.





❌ Flinch and turn away from the ball when blocking?
❌ Lack Hip Mobility?
❌ Make inaccurate throws to second base?
❌ Not know how to execute a tag correctly and safely?
❌ Rarely if ever get their own time at practice?

If you answer "YES" to any of these questions then you're in the right place and I am excited to introduce you to The Catching Lab...

The Catching Lab will help you:

Be A Better Catching Coach

Coach Todd is going to teach you everything you need to know about the fundamental skills performed by catchers of all skill and experience levels.

He will cover, in detail, the fundamentals of proper stances utilized by catchers, receiving technique, throwing mechanics and blocking form.  As well as all of the "specialty plays" performed by catchers including tag plays, force plays, bunt plays, pop ups and retrieving wild pitches. 

Improve the performance and success of your catchers

The tips, drills, exercises and techniques Coach Todd teaches will help your catchers block everything, understand what "mitt magic" is and how to do it along with helping develop quick hands, quick feet and arm strength to maximize their throwing success along with improving their performance during specialty plays which are rarely taught.

Understand how to select the player you want to catch for your team

There are important characteristics a player needs in order to be a successful catcher.  Coach Todd will cover in detail what tools and personality traits to look for when deciding who to put behind the plate for your team.

The Catching Lab IS INVITE ONLY

Happy parent and catcher...

My son attended your camp in November and something you said really hit home. He has always been a hard working kid when working with coaches and instructors, but rarely took the initiative to work on stuff on his own. You told the boys to try to spend at least an hour a day working on something "baseball" related, if they really wanted to see huge improvements. Well, he took that to heart and made it a point to get his work in everyday. As a parent it is great to see that kind of work ethic. For him it is paying off.

While he sees the payoff now in the sport, we as parents see a huge life lesson...hard work, perseverance, and dedication pays off.

Thanks for being a role model with great advice for these younger guys! Keep up the great work.


Todd Coburn, A.K.A – “The Catching Guy” started conducting camps and clinics for a living in 2000, held his first “catcher only” event in Northern Nevada back in 2006 and now, with the help of his family, conducts events around the country.

Coach Todd is one of the most sought after catching coaches in the world who is known for not only his passion for the position, but also his passion for teaching. He is a lifetime catcher who loves spreading the knowledge to anyone who wants to listen and learn.

Coach Todd works with catchers of all ages and experience levels and loves teaching the position and the life lessons that go with it.